Multi-Annual Programme Estimate (MAPE)

-To increase the use of enhanced nutrition knowledge and awareness and hygiene practices by the target communities, learners and Programme Development Agents (PDAs).
-To strengthen multi-sectoral governance of nutrition contribution both to national and district development planning and monitoring as well as informing national level policies.

MAPE focuses on the 2nd and 3rd specific objective of the Afikepo action to enhance nutrition security in Malawi. It is implemented by the Department Nutrition, HIV and AIDs under the Ministry of Health in collaboration with line ministries namely: Ministry of gender; Ministry of agriculture; Ministry of industry; Ministry of education; and Ministry of local government.

Result Area 1.0

Improved harmonization and integration of nutrition into the curricula of schools and training institutions and increased Programme Development Assistants (PDAs) in nutrition to improve their knowledge and skills.

Result Area 2.0

An effective food and nutrition security information system established at national and district levels and contributes to development planning and monitoring mechanisms.


Result Area 3.0

Malawi National Nutrition Committee and District Nutrition Coordination Committees capacitated to fulfil their roles and responsibilities to advocate for nutrition related interventions for achieving better nutrition.

Result Area 4.0

National policies informed by evidence based information on nutrition-sensitive interventions generated/disseminated through improved advocacy.

Result Area 5.0

Good quality services and implementation achieved by effective programme management and coordination.