EU Ambassador to Malawi

“Afikepo aims at developing Malawi’s children to their full potential. Since 2017, the European Union has worked together with the Government of Malawi, towards ensuring an increased and diversified dietary intake of safe and nutritious foods to achieve optimal nutrition for women of childbearing age, adolescent girls, infants and young children.

We are proud that, to date, our partnership with the Government of Malawi has generated impressive results:
Some 140 nutrition professionals are being trained. These professionals, through their newly acquired knowledge and skills, will ensure nutrition extension service delivery across the country.

At the same time, we have almost doubled the percentage of Malawi households practicing integrated homestead farming from 36.7% to 63%, whereas the dietary intake has been considerably improved in areas, including breastfeeding, dietary diversity for women of reproductive age, and number of infants and young children having at least 3 healthy meals a day.

Afikepo operates in 14 districts in Malawi, and 10 of them are by now using information systems and data to track nutrition indicators and monitor community-based nutrition behaviour, as inputs into district programming and decision-making.

These results are only a few among the many in the area of nutrition, and they are a testimony to the success of the EU’s partnership with the Government of Malawi, in supporting Malawi’s children in developing to their full potential!”